Implanted via a simple injection beneath the skin between the shoulder blades, a microchip serves as a permanent means of identification for your cat.  The chip itself is a 12 mm long cylinder (about the size of a grain of rice), and is made of an inert material that is designed not to degenerate nor to cause allergic reactions.  Each has a unique code which can be read by the low frequency radio scanners used by most veterinarians and shelters.

Microchips serve to help reunite lost pets with their families.  Each year approximately 10 million pets are lost, and of these, 75% of the microchipped pets are able to return home, while only 10% of the non-microchipped pets are as fortunate.

At Accent on Cats-Cat Clinic we use the HomeAgain microchip (
www.HomeAgain.com).  Annual HomeAgain membership includes:

  -anti-migration microchip
  -lost pet recovery network
  -rapid lost pet alerts
  -personalized "lost pet" posters
  -24/7 lost pet specialist
  -24/7 emergency medical hotline
  -travel assistance for found pets